At least it’s almost Christmas!

Bad day today, but when you realize that it’s almost Christmas, things automatically get a little better! In that spirit, here are a few more cards made with the Merrymint line. I’m halfway done writing up all of my Christmas cards, so I’m hoping to post a lot more frequently, starting with these! Cardstock: Paper … Continue reading

Merrymint and Poinsettias

Yay for two posts in a week! I’m going to be starting off with the cards I made with American Crafts’ Merrymint line. It’s last year’s Christmas line, but it’s just oh so cute I had to use it instead of saving it like I did last year. So, let’s go and see them! Both … Continue reading

A MAMBI Christmas

When I first started off paper crafting, Me and My Big Ideas, or MAMBI for short, was one of the few companies I used regularly. Now that the industry has really evolved, I definitely use a lot more companies than I did a little over a decade ago. I’ve never used these papers or stickers, … Continue reading

First Christmas Card Post!

Hi all! School’s winding down here, so I’m taking a quick break to FINALLY start posting my Christmas cards for the year! I have 20 or so cards to share with you this year, and having a dead camera does not help in that. Luckily I got the situation fixed and I’m ready to post … Continue reading


Hello hello after so long! I’ve been wanting to share pics for a while, but the rechargable batteries for my camera died and I haven’t been able to replace them. Since the last post I’ve made a slew of cards I hope to share with you as soon as I’m able. In the mean time, … Continue reading