Oldies but goodies

Before I begin I’d like to thank everyone for all the kind visits/comments on my work! Though I haven’t personally replied to them, I’m so happy that you’ve come and visited my little corner of the world and liked what I’ve made! I’m a bit behind in posting my newer creations, but I just wanted … Continue reading

Life is good and some new things to share…

First things first… I got picked by Kristina Werner as one of her Top 20 choices for the Color Inspiration 56!!!! You can see my entry here and you can see me in the Top 20 here. I’m so so excited to be recognized by her, especially since this was my first challenge ever! Maybe … Continue reading

I should really try and make regular posts, but college is getting in the way.

By that I mean the editing process, because for some reason my neurotic self can carve an hour out a day to make a card or two but not thirty minutes to take a photo of the aforementioned card at the peak of sunlight in my forever dark apartment, and another ten or so to … Continue reading

Color Inspiration 56

I decided to try something new today and do one of Kristina Werner’s color challenges. I’ve been admiring her work for some time now and I have to admit, this card is entirely and totally inspired by her cards! I’m using this sketch over and over; I’m pretty sure she used it in one of … Continue reading

And so it goes…

I miss another deadline. This time, by choice. I’m not quite sure why I didn’t get into the publishing mood this time around, but that just means that you get to have a sneak peek at some of my best cards, along with some others that I’ve kept aside for publishing. I think sharing them … Continue reading