As we rode out to Fanario…

I’ve been a bit obsessed with this one song by Among the Oak and Ash, called Peggy-O, and as of right now it’s my favorite crafting song. The thing that bugs me is that there really isn’t a Fanario anywhere; Peggy-O is a rewriting of a an old Scottish folk song. It got me thinking … Continue reading

Faux embossing and more of Earth Love

I actually didn’t know Earth Love was a baby line until Kristina Werner mentioned it. I just thought it was girly and it never once occurred to me that it could be a baby line. After all, I’m a college student. Babies couldn’t be further from my mind. School takes up all the space it … Continue reading

Simple is best

The good: I think I’ve finally figured out when it’s best to take pictures out on my patio. The bad: That time span is exactly five or so minutes long, and at 9am or slightly earlier. Which is, since it’s summer (and especially since I’m a college student), a bit earlier than when I’m normally … Continue reading

Glitter, deer, and all that jazz

Hello! Here’s another card I made before the December Christmas card call, and didn’t submit. I love love love this glittered deer, and the rest of the card just came together so easily I just couldn’t resist putting them all together! It’s all so so so lovely, I just had to share it. I hope … Continue reading

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Aaahh I’m thinking my latest cardmaking mojo has come and gone. Well not gone gone, but lessened a bit. Part of it is because I’m gearing up for a new year here at my college. Another part of it is that I’ve fallen behind in summer school since I’ve been on this creative spree. I … Continue reading