It’s raining on my parade

Well, not right now, but it will be. I love the rain, and the way it smells after it rains, or while it’s raining. That clean smell that’s so perfect. But what I DON’T like is when the rain comes so often that the wash/creek/random body of water by my college is so high I … Continue reading

Hot pink, lime green, and white

Hi all! I hope that all of you had fabulous weekends! Here in Orange County it’s pretty rainy, but I did get to enjoy some good times with my sisters and brother. I ended up very wet with all of the outdoor activities, but it was worth it! Here is an older card I made … Continue reading

Creative Restlessness

Normally, I would be more than satisfied with having posted two cards this week. No such luck this week. My quarter isn’t as busy as last quarter, and I’ve been having a good amount of free time to make cards. Add to the fact that I’m no longer overthinking things nearly as much, and I’ve … Continue reading

Moxie Fab World: Tuesday Trigger

Hi, again, for the second time today! I almost forgot that this challenge is due tomorrow! I’ve always loved looking at Moxie Fab World and have entered a lot of their contests, but I’ve never tried one of their challenges before. This one in particular really caught my eye. I love how it’s a tone-on-tone … Continue reading

Color Inspiration 57

Hi all! I’m so happy that Kristina Werner came out with a new Color Inspiration Challenge! This one really was a challenge for me since every time I thought of a few designs I was always short one color. I think the light yellow part was the hardest, since all the other colors seemed to … Continue reading