Five for Friday #1

Scroll down for a card I posted earlier today!

Hi all, once again!

I’ve been thinking about how much personal stuff I should share on this blog, and it hasn’t been easy to find that balance. I debate back and forth on whether or not I want to post a picture of myself, or even how to share what’s going on with my life. And so I thought, why not just do something small every once in a while that’s a bit more than just posting a quick card and telling you what I used to make it? Kayla Aimee Terrell (whom I find incredibly, incredibly funny) posts five things going on in her life that day every Friday, and it seems like a good way to break the ice. It’s just five bullet points, but it does say a lot about me.

  • I’m applying to graduate school, and am currently playing the waiting game. I’m a current senior in college, and this pretty much determines the next two (maybe seven?) years of my life. I hope I get into a school where I feel like I belong. Or, at least, where I will be less awkward.
  • I started this blog mostly to push myself to get over the way things had gone for me the year before, when I was a third year, and to separate myself from that experience (and the blog that documented it all). And I have to say, doing so has made a super big difference in my life.
  • My favorite Bazzill colors are French Vanilla, Pinecone, Java, Pomegranate, and Hillary.  I am never without them, and I secretly fear that one day Bazzill will discontinue these colors, or rename them without me knowing. Paranoid, I know.
  • I make cards a lot faster than I take pictures of them, which is why I usually only post once a week. I have to stagger how often I post them, LOL!
  • I’ve been getting super random coughing fits whenever I’m in class, and they all randomly disappear once I get out. I secretly think I’m getting allergic to class, which is terrible because I am a) planning on going to graduate school, and b) LOVE going to class. Well, maybe not love. But still, I haven’t ever really skipped class my entire four years here. I skipped once, and that because it was optional. And I apologized to the instructor when I did.

Hope you enjoyed the list!

<3 Maeghan


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