Five for Friday No.6: I have never…

Has it been six weeks already since I started this thing? Crazy.

For this week’s Five for Friday, I kind of drew inspiration from a game that I played a lot last year. You basically say something you haven’t done, whether it’s silly or stupid or just plain, umm, inappropriate, and the rest of the people in the game lose one of their ten fingers if they have. (Pretty standard college game, I know, but when you have a lot of people in the room, it kind of teaches you about everyone there.) I still play this game every once in a while, but since I’m tired of winning, I might as well point out five things that I haven’t done that I’m sure most of the people in the world have, at some point in their lives.

So, yeah. I’m kind of awkward that way.

I have never…

  • Learned how to swim. Seriously.
  • Eaten an artichoke. I’ve only had one bite of the jarred stuff, and I didn’t like it, so much I didn’t swallow it.
  • Lived away from my family, ever.
  • Memorized the times tables for 7 and 8, and realistically, I don’t think I missed out on much doing so.
  • Gotten over the prudishness instilled in me throughout grade and high school. And it shows so much when I’m with boys I’ve just met. There are times where I still think they have cooties.

Speaking of which, I’ve never been able to make a cootie catcher correctly, though if I could, I’d probably carry it around with me.

Have a good weekend!


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