“Don’t think, just draw”

When I was an art student (seven years ago now, sheesh!) I had this art teacher named Mr. Jones.

He used to teach at a college level and it was his first year teaching high school (at an all-girls school, no less). I took drawing every Friday from 1 to 5, and even though I was particularly bad at it, I did get better after a year or so of training. Out of all the bits and pieces of information he gave us about life (and in my school, teachers gave out plenty of those), the one I remember most was, “Don’t think, just draw”.

I remember listening to Disney music on the classroom boombox; spending all sorts of money on pencils, kneaded rubber erasers, and drawing papers; eating slices of pizza from the cafeteria; and chatting about life as it was for me and my classmates then. I even remember staying over for at least an hour after class to talk to him with my friend, Melissa. I’ve kept in contact with her and with one of my other friends from that class, Grace, and it’s been so long that all three of us are either in or heading to graduate school. Congrats to both of them!

That art class has pretty much stuck with me. He once called us spoiled; a few weeks later he took it back, and said instead that we were incredibly gifted. The “don’t think, just draw” mentality he tried to instill in all of us is something I haven’t forgotten, but have rarely applied in real life. I’m a control freak and if something can be controlled in my life, it will be. It’s paid off academically, but otherwise, it’s more of a burden than anything.It even extends into cardmaking.

I have this tendency to overthink things as basic as card sketches, and I use a t-square to make sure everything is as straight as possible. But this card was different. I just let stuff happen, and you know what? It led to a pretty cute card, after all.

Cardstock: Bazzill Basics; Patterned paper:, pebble: Prima; Stamps: Cat’s Life Press, Hero Arts; Ink: Versafine, Versamark.

It’s inspired by one of Paige Evans’ cards that she put up on her blog. She’s a really great source of inspiration for me, especially color-wise. I’m afraid I’m not as creatively free as she is (I love love love straight lines), but her blog is definitely a favorite daily stop of mine, especially since she’s a designer for American Crafts. Go on over and say hello, if you can! She’s in California now and one day I would love to meet her and say how inspiring she is!

Have a good one, everyone.


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