I’m a bit late today with this one…

I had a pre-scheduled post that seems to have disappeared on me (that, or I didn’t remember to save it), but this weekend was so packed I don’t mind taking a break to make a new one :-) I have a bit of a cold so this will have to be short, but I’m sure … Continue reading

Mothers Day and October Afternoon

Yippee it’s Friday and the first day of a long weekend! Here’s a card for the last holiday before this one… Mothers Day! This one went to my longtime friend, Michelle. I used to volunteer in her office in high school (and OMG, just under two weeks until I graduate from college!), and she was … Continue reading

Congratulations for… something….

I honestly don’t quite know what to do with this card just yet, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something! My sister bought me the Spellbinders Blossom 2 set a few weeks ago, but I didn’t get around to playing with it until recently. Between end of the year, end of college, and beginning … Continue reading

As simple as simple can get

Just four strips of paper and two circles can make the perfect little card for anyone. It works for little kids (no little pieces like pearls or rhinestones for them to take off/eat/choke on) or for adults. It could probably even work for welcoming a little baby, but since I don’t know anyone who is … Continue reading

On the squirrel card, and three weeks left

I think it’s kind of strange for me to think that I’m just over three weeks away from the end of my undergraduate career. The official end, at least. I finish my last final three weeks from yesterday. And I’m clinging onto every bit of it until it’s all gone. What I just said has … Continue reading