As simple as simple can get

Just four strips of paper and two circles can make the perfect little card for anyone. It works for little kids (no little pieces like pearls or rhinestones for them to take off/eat/choke on) or for adults. It could probably even work for welcoming a little baby, but since I don’t know anyone who is having one, it’s probably not going to be for that. If it wasn’t so flowery, it might work for a guy, too, but the design is pretty much universal. Switch out the papers for a different pattern, and it could work for most of the guys my age.

In other words, this card just works. And it didn’t require too much effort at all! Just a scraps of paper from October Afternoon’s Thrift Shop line, and a few minutes of my time.

This is probably the simplest and flattest card I’ve made in a long time, so simple it can actually fit in a standard envelope, unlike those padded mailers I use for virtually all of the ones I make (hehe). Hope you like it!

I’ll be posting a bit more elaborate card on Wednesday. See you then!


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