A square card, for once!

Hello and welcome to my last Finals Week of my undergraduate career!!!

I usually don’t do square cards. I typically do the standard 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ rectangular cards, mostly because I’ve stocked up on a bunch of Bazzill in 8 1/2 x 11″ and they fit envelopes quite nicely. And I’ve tried making the 4 1/4″ square cards, but they seem WAY too small for me. Considering the fact that I mail tons and tons of cards in bubble mailers and not regular envelopes, I’m not quite sure why I don’t venture out into square card territory that often. I mean, if I plan on spending almost $2 to send one super dimensional standard sized card with lots of pop dots, why not spend a bit more to send a square card? I was hoping this one would be a detailed card, but I thought the two flowers spoke quite well for themselves already, and since I was kind of lazy, pressed for time, and had a midterm looming over my head when I made this, well, I think I did pretty well for myself!

Looking back on it and now that I’ve restocked on green rhinestones, I think I’ll go back and add them on, after finals, of course. I’ve been procrastinating on reading by writing this post, and yes, I know that’s bad. I’m going back to them right now.

Have a great week!


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