I’m a twentysomething first year graduate student, a crafter, one of four kids, and a girl who believes that everything can be made right with the right words.

I like things that are tangible. I make things that are handmade and homemade and heartfelt. I think that selective attention is simultaneously the best and the worst thing people experience on a daily basis. I believe people don’t really forget, but that something in them tells them not to remember. I enjoy honesty but don’t look for the absolute truth, because it doesn’t exist. I love color and details. I’m always looking for something new. I might not remember your name, but I will remember what we talked about and what you wore when I first met you. I favor serendipity over fate. I fear hegemony. I accept imperfection, however inconvenient. I question everything that’s worth questioning (and then some). I wonder if this is all worth it, and try to make it that way.

I like nice comments, cupcakes, puppies, and anything on the feminine side. I’m a fan of the Boden clothing company, DownEast Basics, cute accessories, Trader Joe’s, and the fact that my college is constructed as a circle with a one mile circumference. I’m not a fan of mean people, long lines that don’t seem to end, and paper cuts. Oh, and cleaning. I don’t like to clean.

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