Finally Friday No. 9

Graduate School Options Edition: I went to an awesome Open House today for graduate school today. And behind all that excitement, I couldn’t get over the fear of actually growing up, and going into massive debt to finance it (and still not having enough money for it). Even if people always say I give off … Continue reading

Five for Friday No. 8

Two more days of vacation and not doing anything. Ugh. On the upside, though, I did finally earn myself a discount card at one of my favorite scrapbooking stores, Scrampers. It was the first store I went to for cardmaking stuff, way way way back more than 10 years ago. I wasn’t even a teenager … Continue reading

Finally Friday No. 7

Happy Friday Saturday! It’s 1am on Saturday and the reason I didn’t get around to posting this yesterday (or two hours ago when it was Friday) was that my roommate and I drove all over the Orange County coast and ate at Denny’s. I love random adventures! I’m so full from Denny’s I can barely … Continue reading

Five for Friday No.6: I have never…

Has it been six weeks already since I started this thing? Crazy. For this week’s Five for Friday, I kind of drew inspiration from a game that I played a lot last year. You basically say something you haven’t done, whether it’s silly or stupid or just plain, umm, inappropriate, and the rest of the … Continue reading

Five for Friday No. 5

Hi ;-) Happy Friday everyone! I hope you’re all excited for the weekend. I thought for today’s Five For Friday, I might answer the fill-in-the-blanks I found here at Postcards and Pretties, one of my favorite wedding/color inspiration blogs. There aren’t five of them, but they are all so so cute to answer! Let’s go! … Continue reading